Our Team

Sarah Sparks

Founder /CEO

Sarah Sparks has worked in the IT sector for more than 10 years, and focused on digital transformation and helping businesses transition to the cloud.

She has worked with large technology companies to create go-to market strategies specifically for within Canada. Becoming a foster parent had always been a goal. While researching and starting the process, she was made painfully aware of the over representation of Black and Indigenous children and youth in care, two groups she herself belongs to. She encountered a disconnect between applicant expectations and agency engagement due to timelines and the overwhelming caseloads child welfare professionals were given. She felt this was an issue innovation could improve and Alo Solutions was born.

Devin Edwards

Co-founder /COO

Devin has worked in IT for over 10 years. Working alongside multiple teams and lending assistance to the highest levels, helped him understand the business and technical needs of companies of all sizes early in his career.

Devin now lends his experience and expertise to the Alo Solutions leadership team as Director of Operations and acting Technical Director. Devin is a mixed-race Indigenous person who brings Alo Solutions his understanding of business, technology, and critical theory through an indigenous lens. He is certified in non-violent conflict resolution, with a focus on DEI and anti-oppression principals.

Cherisse Sparks

Director of Marketing

Cherisse is a licensed Paralegal living in Toronto with a passion for justice and creating awareness.

She lends her expertise to Alo Solutions managing their social media as well as seeking out African Canadian and Indigenous associations and influencers to promote the benefits of caregiving and the positive effects keeping children in, or close to, their communities can have on long term outcomes.

Sean Marjoram

Director, Media & Content

Sean is an award winning cinematographer. In 2010, Sean founded Puddle Jump productions and has travelled the world working with Discovery Channel/Bell Media, as well as large restaurant and manufacturing brands. Above all else, Sean is a father and believes in the power of family. He creates stunning media and video content for Alo.

Lenore Ramirez

Design & Branding

Lenore is a queer designer, artist, and illustrator living in Toronto. Currently an Intermediate Graphic Designer for Intent, she loves helping brands, like Alo Solutions, build compellingly creative designs and delightful illustrations. She is a passionate public speaker and fierce advocate for Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging.

Her work can be found on her website: lenoreramirez.com

or by searching @lenoremakes on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn


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